Direct to Garment

Direct to garment printing, also known as digital printing, is the biggest advance to hit the screen printing industry in a long time. Dynamite Graphics is proud to offer this service to round out our full service in-house garment decorating capabilities that also include screen printing and embroidery.

Get to Know Direct to Garment Printing

What are the pros of direct to garment printing?

There are several pros to direct to garment printing. For starters, the process uses a water based ink which gives both a “soft hand” feel to the finished design, as well as, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional screen printing inks.

Additionally, the process can hold a much higher resolution than screen printing, making it a great choice for photographic images.

Lastly, it is the method when it comes to an alternative for “iron on heat transfers.” Direct to garment printing provides a quality, lasting, and cost effective product.

What are the cons of Direct to Garment printing?

The downsides of direct to garment printing are slower production times and higher ink costs, which means it is not as cost effective a method for larger orders.

Also, the water based inks used in direct to garment printing are less opaque than traditional screen printing inks. This means that images may not look as vibrant as an image produced in the traditional screen printing manor.

What jobs are best suited for direct to garment printing?

Small run photographic images, small run full color images or high color images with fine detail are best suited for direct to garment printers.

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