When you need custom embroidery, you need Dynamite Graphics.

If you think of screen printing when you think of t-shirts, then think of embroidery for everything else. Embroidery is well suited for a wide range of products. We recommend embroidery on polo shirts, jackets, hats, polar fleece and a variety of other high end products that do not lend themselves well to the screen printing process.

Get to Know Our Embroidery Department

What creates quality embroidery?

Embroidery begins with a process called digitizing, which is an integral part of creating quality embroidery.

“Digitizing” is specific to embroidery. Whether or not you have a “digital” file of your design, our digitizers use specialized software to determine style, direction and density of the stitches that make up your design. In other words, “digitizing” is much different from having a “digital” file.

Does Dynamite Graphics digitize in house?

Yes! Dynamite Graphics believes that a good product begins with great art and initial set up. That’s why it is important that we control all aspects of the embroidery process. It’s this control that greatly contributes to a high-quality finished product for your project.

By digitizing in house, we can make sure a design is optimized to look its best. Frequently, our competitors will take short cuts to make a design “production friendly.” This means they will short change a design in stitch count to make it run faster, This is good for them, because it increases their profits. But you end up on the wrong side of the quality equation.

We believe that repeat business and customer referrals are the best route to success and that’s why quality is our main focus for embroidery.

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