Screen Printing

When you are ready to have your custom apparel order printed, you need to experience the Dynamite difference!

It is a common misconception that all screen printing shops are created equal. This could not be further from the truth.

From artwork background to experience and equipment, and from our size to our staff, there are a wealth of differences that set screen printing companies apart. These also set us apart from our competition.

So before choosing a company, you will want to get to know that company and their background a little better.

Get to Know Our Screen Printing Department

When should I choose screen printing?

Most t-shirt orders, both cotton and moisture wicking, should be screen printed. This includes but is not limited to sports uniforms, race/run orders, promotions/giveaways t-shirts, special events like family reunions, bar and bat mitzvahs, work uniforms, school uniforms and school or team spirit wear orders.

Many other kinds of clothing and other items that are made of fabric can be screen printed or embroidered—even both! Our sales staff has years of experience to help you decide which form of printing is best for your next project.

Is Dynamite Graphics a middle man or a broker?

No! Dynamite Graphics performs our screen printing services in house at our facility in suburban Washington, DC (Silver Spring, MD). We use a factory direct approach, which enables us to offer competitive pricing. This approach also gives us the ability to both accommodate rush orders, and offer fast turn-around times.

Can you handle large orders?

Yes! Our screen printing department is equipped with a state of the art automated printing press capable of printing 50 dozen shirts per hour!

Can you handle small orders?

Of course! We use manual presses for smaller jobs. These jobs are printed traditionally one at a time, by hand, by one of our experienced screen printers.

What separates Dynamite Graphics from your competitors?

Experience, experience, experience and artwork! Our t-shirt designs and graphics are, well … dynamite!

Established in 1984, Dynamite Graphics is owned and staffed by industry veterans. Every person at Dynamite has a background in all aspects of the printing process.

We believe a good t-shirt (or other article of clothing) begins with good art. Our award winning, in house art department sees a project through from design conception to pre-press to ensure a superior finished product. We also work well with artwork from outside artists/graphic designers.

Please have a look at our work. We also offer direct to garment printing.

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